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AutisMate’s visual scene-based, Smart Scenes™, approach to communication creates a fun learning environment that helps motivate the learner with visual images. The app allows non-verbal and early stage communicators more easily understand and express their wants and needs compared to traditional grid-based AAC devices. But the learning doesn't stop there! As the learner's needs develop, so does AutisMate allowing the option to add advanced customizable communication hotspots that helps transition from scene based communication to grid-based.
Smart Scenes™, AutisMate's visual scene-based communication learning app

Research has shown that video-modeling is a highly effective tool for teaching a variety of functional skills and appropriate behavior. Our customizable app allows you to create and upload your own videos making it easier for individuals to understand and learn new skills by imitating videos that are relevant to their needs.

Visual Stories
With AutisMate's visual stories, your learner will explore, learn and practice through pictures, videos and text to reduce anxiety often associate with stressful situations. You can also use visual stories to provide a fun interactive way for your learner to complete a task by incorporating videos into the stories.
  • AutisMate visual stories motivate learners
    What to do when I need a break from my work.
  • Allow learners to learn through pictures and videos
    When I need a break from my work, I can ask my teacher.
  • Reduce anxiety of social situations with video modeling
    First, I can raise my hand.

Visual Scheduler
AutisMate offers a highly customizable visual scheduler which can include images and videos from the user's environment increasing understanding and comprehension of desired behaviors making it easier to carry out tasks, transition between tasks and follow sequencing structures.
AutisMate's visual scheduler increases understanding and comprehension

Content Library
AutisMate has a robust content library that offers synthesized voices, over 12,000 SymbolStix symbols and pre-built scenes, stories, schedules and videos. The easy access of this content saves you time, allows for in the moment programming and can be used to generate ideas of your own to customize the app for your learner. The possibilities are endless!
Save time or get ideas from AutisMate's rich content library

Sentence Builder
In AutisMate's grid-based sentence builder your learner can develop language skills to build vocabulary and syntactical structure, work on sentence building by using any one the pre-built symbols from our SymbolStix library or create a customized symbol with your own pictures to meet the needs of your learner.
AutisMate's customizable grid-Based sentence builder to build language skills and vocabulary
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