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Winner of the 2013 Reader's Choice Award
Tuesday April 02, 2013
AutisMate is excited to announce we are the recipients of the 2013 Readers' Choice Award Winner in the Favorite Special-Needs App category.

We have found that creating an app the meets and exceeds the needs and demands for individuals with Autism not only helps improve the ability to communication and socialize for the individual, but also helps teach socialization skills for the individual. AutisMate's functionality also has a positive impact on those close with the individual, including family members and caregivers, making their life easier by increasing independence for the individual with Autism.

This is all part of the care, dedication and research we invest in the development of AutisMate. We are not looking to merely bring another app for Autism to the market, but bring an app to the market that makes a real impact, a real difference in what we provide.

Receiving the people's choice award is a real honor and also says to us that we are on the right path with our application. However, it does not stop here. We are constantly looking to improve what we offer to our customers, from a complete, all-inclusive and comprehensive communication and learning platform to a top-notch level of customer service.

If you want to learn more about AutisMate, including its research backed visual tools including visual scenes, video modeling, visual schedules, sentence building, visual stories and grid-display sentence builder, sign-up for our upcoming webinar on April 8th at 12:00 EST.

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AutisMate: An iPad App for Personalized Autism Therapy
Tuesday January 29, 2013
For children and adults with autism, who face daily challenges with basic social interaction, the iPad has been something of a godsend. Apple’s tablet has ushered in a slew of autism therapy apps that aim to replace equipment that previously cost thousands.

AutisMate, a new app launching today from New York City-based SpecialNeedsWare, is joining that increasingly crowded field — but its makers are aiming to go beyond the competition with some helpful personalization features.
Research-Supported Autism App Tackles Behavioral and Social Challenges
Monday January 28, 2013
AutisMate, a new iPad app from SpecialNeedsWare for those with autism, stands among the most respected and innovative options to help children develop communication and behavioral skills despite the challenges of autism. Individuals are given a comprehensive set of tools to navigate life with ease, providing for the lifelong learning, development and changing experiences of those across the spectrum.
Brotherly Love Prompts Young Entrepreneur’s Autism App
Monday January 28, 2013
When Jonathan Izak looks at AutisMate, he only wishes something similar had existed when his brother was younger. The iPad app, which Izak and colleagues have spent the last 18 months creating, is designed for autistic children — kids like Izak’s brother. “I think it definitely would have helped him (with his) acquisition of language,” Izak said.
Labor Of Love: Developer Creates iPad App To Help His Autistic Brother
Wednesday April 18, 2012
When Jonathan Izak graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, he decided to put his new degree in Computer Science to very good use.
Autistic boy’s older brother designs iPad app that builds language skills
Monday April 16, 2012
An autistic boy’s older brother created a new app for the iPad that helps promote functional and social skills. Jonathan Izak designed AutisMate so that users can add their own videos, pictures and voice recordings to create visual scenes, according to a news release.
iPad App Helps Kids With Autism Communicate
Monday April 16, 2012
The older brother of a child with autism has released an iPad app designed to be a communication and therapy tool for people with autism. AutisMate allows you to add your own pictures, videos and voice recordings to the app. The goal: to create visual scenes that help promote social skills and communication.
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