The Features That Make AutisMate Such An Amazing App For Autism

Visual Smart Scenes™

Customize AutisMate's visual Smart Scenes™ to grow and change with your child's needs. As your child's skills develop, simply update hotspots, schedules and stories to fit his or her needs.

Visual Schedules

Customize and personalize visual schedules to assist your child with transitions and task completion

Visual Stories

Create personalized and customized visual stories to help ease anxiety associated with transitions and new environments

Video Modeling

Video modeling allows you to add personalized videos to help teach a variety of skills using a fun interactive research-based method

Sentence Builder

AutisMate’s research based grid-display vocabulary allows your child to communicate and begin building sentences using symbols

Content Sharing, Users and Backups

AutisMate makes it easy to share content, backup content, and access multiple user profiles

Content Library

AutisMate's content library saves you time with premade scenes, stories, schedules and video modeling


Many of AutisMate’s features are built right in so you never have to leave the app
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