Welcome to the New SpecialNeedsWare Blog


Hello everyone, my name is Katie Garvey and I am very excited to begin a SpecialNeedsWare blog! Our company goal in creating this blog is to connect others in the special education and technology world together and with information relevant to your classroom, students, and organization.

To give a little information about myself, I have worked with individuals with developmental disabilities since 2008. My work has been in private and public school settings, and I also ran a satellite day program for adults with disabilities. In addition to my hands on experience, I also hold a Bachelor of Arts from Western Connecticut State University, and a Master’s of Education, Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University. Looking to apply my experience to a position outside of the school system, I became an Educational Representative for SpecialNeedsWare in New York City. My role within the company is incredibly exciting, as their technology platforms AutismMate365, TeachMate365, and PuddingStone are game changers in the field and I know first hand how useful and needed this technology is in the classroom.

Through each of my roles I have learned so much and have been taught so much by the individuals I have worked with and I am really looking forward to sharing my experiences and connecting with others in the field on topics we all care about.

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