How It Started: A Brother's Vision

The glances from strangers in public places after a tantrum.

The never-ending waiting lists to see specialists for assessments…followed by more waiting lists.

The stress and financial burden families have to endure.

Jonathan Izak’s younger brother Oriel has autism. So he had many of the same experiences that families with special needs children have. But he also realized that within his brother was someone yearning to communicate with the outside world. He imagined the frustration of a person who had the words ready to go on the tip of his tongue but couldn’t say anything to anyone. And how it’s this same frustration—from not being understood—that often causes individuals with autism to have other behavioral issues.

But that's the reality that traditional Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) apps and devices create for individuals with autism.

Different autistic children have different needs and not all of them are being met by what’s available. Most devices and apps focus too much on a single approach to communication or behavior, not taking into account that these are all interconnected. This is how AutisMate differs from other apps on the market. AutisMate offers a highly customizable, complete iPad app that provides both grid and visual scene display (VSD) learning tools to meet the needs of every autistic child that uses the app. With AutisMate, individuals can use existing scenes from our extensive library or build scenes using the camera, video recorder or existing images on their iPad to create an scenes with an environment they are familiar with.

That’s why Jonathan Izak and Ankit Agarwal used the latest research in special needs education and collaborated with over 300 clinicians, industry experts, parents and educators to create AutisMate. To recognize that communication, behavior and social skills are interconnected and each must be developed simultaneously so that autistic individuals can truly become independent.

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