AutisMate LITE the Communication and Life Skills App For Autism For Adults and Children with Autism

Posted on: Tuesday July 02, 2013

AutisMate LITE Gives Users a Taste of AutisMate, a Uniquely Comprehensive, Customizable, Easy-to-Use Communication and Life Skills Learning App For Adults and Children with Autism

NEW YORK, July 2nd, 2013—SpecialNeedsWare, LLC, a software development firm devoted to helping people with learning and development limitations, has launched AutisMate LITE, a free, demo version of AutisMate, the company’s application for adults and children with autism.

AutisMate LITE is meant to give users a taste of AutisMate, a learning app that extends beyond the capabilities of augmentative and assistive communication (AAC) apps and learning tools through its comprehensive, customizable, and easy to use Smart Scenes™ technology. AutisMate’s Smart Scenes™ technology combines a traditional grid-display sentence builder with customizable visual scenes, which incorporate visual stories, visual schedules and video modeling into a single learning app. AutisMate’s personalization allows users to employ images and videos from an environment the individual with autism is familiar, including their home, school or work. By integrating familiar environments into the app, individuals can more easily understand, comprehend and learn communication, behavior, socialization and life skills. It is this personalization that makes AutisMate a progressive and comprehensive learning app that can be used from childhood into adulthood.

The new product, AutisMate LITE - a free application, has many of the features available in AutisMate, which costs $149. These include, on a limited basis:

• One customizable visual scenes, with unlimited visual schedules, visual stories and video modeling within the scene;
• One customizable visual schedule, including sequencing and task analysis;
• Up to ten customizable grid-based sentence building buttons;
• 100 easy-to-understand symbols (known as SymbolStix) that can be used to in the sentence builder or as hot spots in AutisMate’s Smart Scenes™;
• Take advantage of AutisMate’s in-app support and video tutorials;

AutisMate LITE does not offer global-positioning-system (GPS) capabilities, a content library, content-sharing, IVONA text-to-speech voices, or in-app support—all of which are available in AutisMate.

• GPS capabilities allow scenes to be tied to a user’s location, improving context making it easy for the correct scene to be selected at the right time.
• AutisMate’s content library offers “off-the-shelf”, prebuilt drawings, photographs, videos, text, and voice elements, usable on their own or in combination with tailored-made content.
• Content-sharing makes it possible for all custom materials to be e-mailed and distributed to family, friends and professionals.
• IVONA text-to-speech voices are accurate and natural-sounding, providing audio playback of sentences constructed in the grid-display AAC app.

SpecialNeedsWare is confident that AutisMate Lite can give those who work with individuals with autism an excellent sense of AutisMate’s full potential and benefits. “We are excited to offer AutisMate LITE. This is an opportunity for everyone to take AutisMate for a test drive, unlock its potential and uncover the difference it will have on improving communication and life skills for individuals with autism,” says Jonathan Izak, SpecialNeedsWare’s founder and chief executive officer.

AutisMate LITE and AutisMate are available at the App Store (for iOS devices).

About Us

SpecialNeedsWare, LLC, is a New York-based software developer established to use modern technology to improve and enrich the lives of those with special needs. The company’s lead product is AutisMate, an iOS application for people with autism. AutisMate provides a comprehensive learning app for parents, therapists, researchers and professionals that provides both tools and knowledge for individuals with impairments associated with autism to improve communication and life skills. The AutisMate app extends far beyond other visual scene display and AAC apps with its Smart Scenes™ technology that assists in learning and developing BOTH communication and life skills. Smart Scenes™ technology is unique by allowing users to completely customize everything within the app. It is this technology that enables the user to not only personalize the content, but also apply this content to relevant skills and life experiences they need to learn. The integration provides a progressive approach that helps the user transition from one developmental stage to the next.

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