FAQs - Can AutisMate, The App For Autism, Help My Child With Autism

  • AutisMate is a fun interactive way for your child with autism to communicate and learn new skills. Unlike traditional devices, AutisMate allows your child with autism communicate in a more natural way on a fun device (an iPad app for autism!). AutisMate provides built in reinforcement that is easily customizable to each child’s favorite items. Traditional devices lack the opportunity for immediate reinforcement, which is a key component in teaching individuals and children with autism behavioral and social skills. With the use of video modeling built into scenes, your child can access videos in the location he or she normally performs the task and can follow along!
  • There are three major ways in which AutisMate separates itself from other apps:
    • Holistic approach – Our app for autism takes a holistic approach by focusing on communication and life skill development simultaneously. As a result, individuals and children with autism overcome both communication AND behavioral impairments that are typical of autism. A lot of the behavioral and social issues stem from an inability to communicate. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if you were unable to express yourself or comprehend what others were saying to you? Our holistic approach to development combines visual tools, including visual scene displays, social stories, video modeling and visual schedules, with a grid-based sentence building AAC to simultaneously develop communication and behavioral skills. Communication and behavior are inherently interlinked and that’s why our approach is so powerful.
    • Personalization – A familiar environment encourages growth for individuals and children with autism. AutisMate's personalization allows you to build visual tools with images and videos from your child's environment. The personalization gives AutisMate a comprehensive toolkit that you can use to focus on specific developmental issues to meet the needs of your child with autism. This allows AutisMate to be used as a primary intervention strategy for a wide range of individuals and children with autism. AutisMate easily evolves with the ever-changing needs of your individual or child with autism. This means that as your individual or child with autism acquires certain skills, you can simply make adjustments to the app that will continue to encourage progress in learning.
    • Time Saving – One amazing feature of AutisMate is the content library we offer to you. We have constructed visual scenes, visual schedules, visual stories and video models that are available to you. This means that if you don't have time to construct scenes for your child with autism you can simply download our pre-built visual tools to meet your needs. This allows AutisMate to not only meet the needs of your child with autism, but also saves an enormous amount of time.
  • If your child struggles with communication, the personalized visual scenes in AutisMate can help your child with autism express their needs and wants. When you create personalized visual scenes, AutisMate allows your child to independently navigate through scenes that are familiar to him or her. Your child with autism can easily request for items by simply tapping on a hotspot. AutisMate will also provide support in assisting your child to participate in daily social interactions. By using AutisMate your child with autism will be able to comment on the environment around him or her, respond to peer questions and ask a variety of questions. The app can be customized to fit your child’s needs depending on the social situation they encounter. Unlike other apps for autism, AutisMate provides BOTH visual scene displays and a grid-based sentence builder. Your child can use our grid-based sentence builder to learn how to construct sentences and communicate verbally.
  • Since AutisMate is a mobile app for autism, AutisMate is easy to transport throughout the child’s day accompanying him or her to various locations, including school. AutisMate can be customized to incorporate scenes that your child would use to navigate throughout their day including their classroom, the hallway, the nurse’s office and gym class. Accessing video modeling and visual schedules while in school can help your child with autism be more successful and independent in everyday tasks such as using the bathroom and unpacking their backpack.
  • AutisMate offers a variety of tutorials and videos that guide the user step by step through setting up the app and how to navigate the app. Also be certain to sign up for one of our webinars to have the AutisMate team show you all of the benefits of using AutisMate at home, in school or anywhere that would help.
  • AutisMate is not only used as a communication device but can also be used to help your child with autism develop socially and emotionally. Often, children with Autism have difficulties engaging in appropriate social and emotional behaviors. For example, children with Autism may often isolate themselves from peers, engage in inappropriate play and lack social attention. AutisMate is designed to help your child with autism conquer these difficulties. AutisMates’s visual scene display hotspots can be utilized to make conversation during lunch and recess to ask children various questions, comment on their environment, ask a child to play and engage in joint activities. Video models can be used to demonstrate appropriate play and even further engage the child in appropriate pretend play. The sentence builder can be used to construct sentences requesting for items, participate in classroom discussions or invite their peers to their birthday party!
  • Yes! AutisMate can be utilized as a support in your child’s classroom. AutisMate can guide your child with autism to play appropriately with peers using video modeling. AutisMate’s visual schedules will help your child become more independent by using a step-by-step approach to guide your child through everyday routines. AutisMate’s communication hotspots will allow your child to request for items in school along with engage in peer conversation during lunch and recess!
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