autismate365 - support your child in every environment

Support your child in every environment

Connecting everyone on your child’s team. AutisMate365, an app for autism, seamlessly syncs your child’s profile on up to 5 devices, connecting everyone who cares about your child around a consistent set of supports that extends learning to the home, therapy and the community.

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autismate365 - all tools in one platform

All Your Tools. Completely Personalized. One Platform.

Personalized supports for all ability levels. AutisMate365, an app for autism, provides you with all the visual tools needed to set your child on a path to independence as they develop fundamental communication, behavior and life skills. With AutisMate365 you can personalize visual scenes, video models, visual schedules, visual stories and research-based language tools with images and videos from your child’s actual environment.

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autismate365 - join our community of passionate parents and professionals

Join our Community of Passionate Parents and Professionals

Connect with others around the globe. AutisMate365, an app for autism, connects parents and professionals from across the world to share their content and ideas on the community library. Save time creating supports by download pre-built visual scenes, schedules, visual stories and video models free of charge and then personalize them to meet the unique needs of your child.

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AutisMate365 testimonial
It is so awesome to see a mom realize that her son will be ok... might have never happened without this app. As a parent of a non-verbal child, I cannot stress enough how positively life changing this app is.

- Amanda Chapman, Parent