About SpecialNeedsWare, the proud creators of AutisMate365

The story of SpecialNeedsWare
SpecialNeedsWare was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Izak, a computer science engineer with a brother on the autism spectrum, and Ankit Agarwal, a systems design engineer. After researching and consulting with over 300 industry professionals and experts, the two developed their first award winning platform, AutisMate, in 2012.

AutisMate was a revolutionary technology with the unique ability to be completely personalized using real images and videos from a users environment to improve communication, behavior, and life skills for individuals with special needs.

At the first trade show SpecialNeedsWare attended to release AutisMate to the public, Jon and Ankit were approached by Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) – Harvard Medical School’s world renowned research institute. BCH saw immense potential for the innovation that AutisMate could bring to individuals with special needs and wanted to find a way to embed their years of researched methodology into the platform.

A partnership was formed between SpecialNeedsWare and BCH shortly after and in collaboration the two set out on continuing to develop further technologies to enhance the lives of individuals with special needs.

Since then, SpecialNeedsWare has grown to a company of over 15 full-time employees, with a diverse advisory board of industry experts, including Dr. Howard Shane, who heads the research program at Boston Children’s Hospital. In collaboration with BCH, SpecialNeedsWare recently completed a first of its kind virtual learning game called PuddinStone, and a learning management system for special education classrooms called TeachMate365.

The Road Ahead For SpecialNeedsWare
As SpecialNeedsWare continues to research, develop, innovate, and push the boundaries of what technology can do for the special needs community, its foundation and core philosophy remains in the company’s passion to help better the lives of individuals with special needs by addressing their unique abilities and struggles on the individual as well as community wide level.
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AutisMate has changed the way therapists, teachers and families approach the task of teaching language development, social expectations and functional communication for our diverse student population.
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