About SpecialNeedsWare, the proud creators of AutisMate365

The story of SpecialNeedsWare
Jonathan Izak watched with frustration for years as his brother, Oriel – a young child with autism – struggled to express his wants, needs, and thoughts using all of the existing technology, intervention methods and autism apps available. Oriel’s difficulties were heartbreaking for Jon and his family and upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Jon became determined to find a solution to help his brother and others like him. It was with this goal in mind that he founded SpecialNeedsWare in 2011.

Developing The Award-Winning AutisMate365 Platform
After more than a year of development and working in collaboration with more than 300 experts in the field, SpecialNeedsWare launched AutisMate; a comprehensive, autism app, mobile platform that aids in the learning and development of behavior, life skills and communication for individuals with cognitive limitations. It is a powerful autism app created with the understanding that all individuals have differing needs and abilities and thus offers a full suite of customizable visual supports that can be personalized to meet the specific needs of each individual with disabilities, at any development level and in any environment; be it home, school, work, or the community.

Most recently, SpecialNeedsWare partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital to integrate the Visual Immersion System (VIS), a new language methodology developed after decades of groundbreaking research and experience in the field by Dr. Howard Shane, into their special education technology platforms.

The Road Ahead For SpecialNeedsWare
Although SpecialNeedsWare has come a long way and evolved significantly while striving to always better its products and services, the foundation and core philosophy of the company still lays in the deep and personal understanding of how to address the needs of individuals with special needs and provide caregivers with effectual, personalized, and efficient solutions that result in unparalleled, measurable success. Jon and the SpecialNeedsWare team team are passionate and driven in their desire to help individuals with special needs and provide them with personalized solutions they need to maximize their potentials and better their futures.
Howard's Interview about VIS
Meet The Advisory Team
It is so awesome to see a mom realize that her son will be ok... might have never happened without this app. As a parent of a non-verbal child, I cannot stress enough how positively life changing this app is.
Amanda Chapman
The way that he uses the AutisMate is so much more fluid and natural than the way he used his picture schedules. I worked on that with him for months, whereas the chore schedule he learned on the AutisMate in weeks. It’s exponentially faster than any other schedule that he has learned in the past. He just moves through it without much prompting or even external reinforcement needed.
Marcia Lyn D.
AutisMate has changed the way therapists, teachers and families approach the task of teaching language development, social expectations and functional communication for our diverse student population.
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